This page is intended for supporters of TEAL:

Some of you may be thinking ‘How can we help?’

Here are a few suggestions:

Spread the word about TEAL.

Talk to family, friends and associates. You would be surprised at the range of people, from gardeners to doctors, who will want to hear about TEAL and will understand it when it is explained.  It is that simple.

Talk to your political party representatives.  Encourage, no, not strong enough, demand, that as a member of their party you want them to adopt TEAL as their tax strategy and insist that if they don’t you will no longer support them at the polls, because there are parties that will adopt TEAL.

Print our web pages, for example, ‘WHAT IS TEAL‘ .  Not everyone has web access.  Help spread the word to those who don’t have.

Buy our merchandise and distribute it or sell it on –

So far we only have business cards directing holders to the TEAL web-site but when funds are available we   hope to have t-shirts, sun visors, desk calenders, pens and such-like available.

Perhaps you have skills we need?

Are you web programmer, an economist, a statistician, an administrator, a public speaker, a lawyer, a translator (TEAL is not just for English speakers), a marketer, a PR consultant?  We can use your services and the services of many more skilled individuals like you.

Start a TEAL discussion group in your neighbourhood.  It doesn’t have to be formal.

When we have registered as a NPO, we will also be asking for cash donations.  If you’ve got it and are willing givers, we are willing recipients.  But we’re not there yet.

TEAL could be the single most significant investment of your lives.  Imagine, a scheme that will reduce your tax obligations from somewhere near 60% of your income down to 1% of your income!

TEAL’s worth investing in!

Feed us your ideas – use the contact form and the Public Forum to debate TEAL and TEAL related issues.  We welcome all participation from anyone and everyone.

If you believe in TEAL, get involved, make it happen!

After All